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Striping Tape Nail Art with Dispensers

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Striping Tape Nail Art with Dispensers

What to Do:
  1. Start by applying a clear base coat and two coats of color nail polish. Use a quick drying manicure spray to speed drying time.
  2. Decide where you want the design to start and end before placing the striping tape. If your design is more in the center of the nail than edge to edge, you will want to make sure that the polish is dry before starting the tape placement. Otherwise, you may smudge or ruin the polish when pressing down the tape.
  3. Roll out the tape across your nail, lightly pressing as you go. If you're doing your own nails, leave enough tape on the starting side to stick to the side of your finger as an anchor.
  4. Cut the tape using nail scissors where you want the tape to end.
  5. Once all the tape has been placed, make sure all ends are clipped. Using your finger or a wooden cuticle stick, press down on the ends to secure them. On the tip, clip the tape so that it just meets the edge of the nail.
  6. Apply a clear top coat to ensure that your design is sealed.

What's in the Box:
25 x Rolls of Striping Tape
6 x Tape Dispensers