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Solar Portable Lighting System indoor/outdoor with 3 Led Bulbs

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Solar Portable Lighting System indoor/outdoor with 3 Led Bulbs.


  • Eco friendly solar power for home, Load-shedding, fishing or camping and so on.
  • With USB interface, can be used for emergency charging of mobile phone, radios, power banks and other electronic products.
  • Highlight LED light source long range, convenient for night lighting and outdoor travel.
  • Tow lighting methods, the side light of the fuselage can provide bright lighting.
  • Solar panel: 9V 3.5W (Max 9V).
  • USB Output: 5V.
  • 3Pcs LED Bulbs with on/off switch.
  • Solar Panel Charging Time: 10-12 hours.
  • USB Multi-charging cable.
  • Battery unit can be recharged by 220V AC electricity (maximum 10hours).

What's in the box:
1 x Charging unit
1 x Solar panel
3 x Led Bulb with on/off switch
1 x USB Multi-charging cable
1 x AC Charging Cable