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Roll on Strip Wax Cartridge - 150g

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Roll on Strip Wax Cartridge - 150g.

Wax Facts:
1. Contains 100% plant extracts.
2. Global first-edible.
4. Low-temperature melting.
5. Can be cleaned directly by water and moisturize the skin after waxing.
6. Suitable for any skin.
7. No filaments or residues left on the skin.
8. It is steady in any season.

Tips for Use:

Clean the skin with a pre-depilatory lotion. This will remove sweat and any product  from the skin, besides providing antiseptic protection to the area. Pat the area dry or apply a bit of powder to make sure the skin is completely dry so that wax adheres properly. Apply the wax directly from the roller onto the skin (hold the cartridge at a 45-degree angle) on the area you want to wax and press gently while moving the cartridge along about 35 cm. Do this motion in a single swipe so that the wax will come out evenly in a thin film. Now you are ready to press the muslin strip on the wax in the direction of hair growth and removing it against, all while keeping the skin taut. Roll-on wax is just like soft wax (Film/ Strip Wax), so you should not re-apply on the same area more than once. Remove any strays with the same muslin strip you have already used.

Colours may vary according to stock availability.