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Professional Fully Comprehensive Acrylic Kit - 35 Pieces

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Professional Fully Comprehensive Acrylic Kit - 35 Pieces.

This Kit Contains:

1 x Nail Art Glitter Set.

1 x15g Pink Acrylic Powder.

1 x 15g White Acrylic Powder.

1 x 15g Clear Acrylic Powder.

2 x Finger Separators.

1 x 250ml Acetone.

10 x Wooden Sticks.

1 x Tip Cutter (Colour may vary).

1 x Curved Tweezer.

1 x Cuticle Fork.

1 x Double Dappen Dish.

20 x Gold Nail Forms.

1 x Acetone Push Bottle.

2 Packets of Nail Art Rhinestones.

1 x Practice Finger.

1 x Nail Cleaner Brush.

1 x Nail Buffer.

2 x Nail Files.

2 x Application Brushes.

100 x Nail Tips - Natural.

100 x Nail Tips - Clear.

2 x 10g Brush on glues.

1 x 120ml Monomer.

1 x Double Soak off Bowl.

1 x Nail Primer.

1 x UV Top Coat.

2 x Bling Girl Gel Smalto UV Led Gel - 10ml (Colours of your choice)

1 x Dusting Brush.

1 x Double sided Cuticle pusher.

1 x Electric Nail Drill (Colour may vary).

1 x  88W UV LED Nail Lamp.

How To Do Your Acrylic Nails at Home...You will need a UV Lamp to dry your UV Base and Top Coat .You won't need to put the actual Acrylic polymer and monomer under the UV Lamp because they will chemically react when mixed together and naturally harden when exposed to air. It takes about 10-15 minutes for Acrylics to dry.