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Professional Acrylic Kit with Storage Box - 37 Pieces

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Professional Acrylic Colour Powders Kit - 36 Pieces.

What's in the box:

100 x Full Cover Ballerina Clear Nail Tips.
100 x Full Cover Ballerina Natural Nail Tips.
6 x Colour Acrylic Powders - Nude, Mustard Yelow, White, Pretty Pink, Sunshine Yellow and French Pink - 10g each per colour.
14 x Gold Nail Forms. (These are used if you just want to extend the length of your nails without using nail tips).
1 x Long Double sided Buffer Shiner.
1 x Rhombus Nail File - 100/180 Grit.
1 x Long Double Sponge Buffer.
1 x Small Nail Cleaner Brush.
1 x Practice Finger.
2 x Finger/ Toe Separators.
1 x Nail Tip Cutter.
1 x 10g Nail Glue.
1 x 120ml Monomer.
1 x Glass Acrylic Cup.
1 x Cuticle Fork.
1 x  Curved Tweezers. (This is used for picking and placing your nail art)
1 x Double Sided Dotting Tool.
1 x Nail Art Brush.
1 x Number 10 Acrylic Brush.
1 x 12 Pieces Nail Art Decorations.
1 x Double layer storage box (Colour may vary).

This Acrylic Kit is the perfect startup Kit. Please let us know if you need any instructional videos or step by step instructions to assist you. Have fun with this amazing kit!