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Professional Acrylic Kit - 33 Pieces

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Professional Acrylic Kit - 33 Pieces.

Acrylic nails are an easy and classy way to make your nails look beautiful. People can choose them to help conceal nails that are damaged, short or have an 'undesirable' appearance.

They can also help towards preventing any breakage you may have, splits or nail biting, which is a huge benefit.

What's in the box:
12 x Nail Art Glitter Pods.
2 x Pink Acrylic Powders.
2 x White Acrylic Powders.
2 x Clear Acrylic Powders.
2 x Finger/ Toe Separators (Colour may differ from the image).
10 x Wooden Orange Sticks.
1 x Edge Cutter.
1 x Curved Tweezers.
1 x Cuticle Fork.
1 x Double Dappen Dish.
20 x Gold Nail Forms.
1 x Empty Acetone Push Bottle (Colour may differ from the image).
2 x Packets of Nail Art Rhinestones (Multicolour and Silver).
1 x Practice Finger.
1 x Small Nail Cleaner Brush (Colour may differ from the image).
1 x Nail Buffer (Colour may differ from the image).
2 x Nail Files (Colours may differ from the image).
5 x Application Brushes (Colours may differ from the image).
100 x Natural Nail Tips.
100 x Clear Nail Tips.
2 x 10g Brush on Glue.
1 x 120ml Monomer.
1 x 15ml Nail Primer (Brand may vary).