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Foot Repair and Care Kit

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Foot Repair and Care Kit.

A cuticle Fork is used to trim your cuticles.

Foot Repair Balm assists with removing calluses and it moisturises and rehydrates thick, cracked rough, dead and dry skin.

A Pedi Blade/ Corn plane is a pedicure tool that has a handle and a head. The head houses a blade which cuts off top layer of the skin when you apply pressure on the handle. Like with any blade, care needs to be taken when using the corn plane as incorrect use can lead to very poor results, including bleeding and potential subsequent infections.

Corn planes are made of different materials. Most economical foot shavers come with a plastic handle and a stainless steel head.

Since corn plane blades are typically double sided, it is advised that after shaving one foot the blade is removed and turned with the other side facing the opening of the corn plane. This will help use a perfectly sharp edge for both feet for the best results. 

Here are a few tips on how to use the corn plane at home:

1) Ensure your corn plane is clean and the blade is fitted properly
2) Soak your feet in warm water so the dry skin softens and is easy to remove
3) Put the corn plan on your foot where dry skin needs to be removed, with the window facing you
4) Start moving the corn plane towards yourself. You should see very thin pieces of skin peeling off, like tiny snowflakes. Do not put pressure as the blade is ultra sharp and can slice off your healthy skin and cause bleeding
5) Once the dry skin is removed, use a high quality foot file, to smoothen the skin on your feet
6) Wash your feet with soap and dry with a towel
7) Apply your favourite foot cream.