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MAGK One Step Colour UV Gel Polish Colours - 12ml

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MAGK One Step Colour UV Gel Polish - 12ml.

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Why is it so great?

It's made from natural resin, so there is no smell and it's non-toxic. There is no need to use base coat and top coat, but if you would like to add a top coat then there is no harm in that! One step gel is easier to use, saves time and is more economical than traditional gel polish.

How to apply ?

Step 1. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make it dry and clean.

Step 2. Apply 1st layer of gel polish, cure under UV lamp for 2 min or LED lamp for 30-60 secs.

Step 3. Apply the 2nd layer of gel polish, cure with UV/LED lamp again.