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Flexible Night Reading Study Nails Table Clip Clamp Led Desk Lamp

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Table Clamp USB LED Light Yellow and White ✪

Advantages: - USB cord ~ ​​1.4m long, clamp legs have anti-slip pads, can be clamped on 5cm sized objects - Integrated 2 light modes: white and yellow, adjustable by switch: + White light: suitable for reading at night, creating a relaxing feeling. + Yellow light: soft light, reduces drowsiness and improves learning efficiency. - The lamp shell is made of luxurious, sturdy aluminum and alloy - The lamp rotates 360 degrees - Very bright 5W-10W high capacity light bulb, suitable for studying, eyelash extensions, spas, etc... ✪ Product details Product: - Model: FX001F - Plug cord length: ~1.4m - Color: Black - 3 light modes: white / yellow / yellow white - Button: light off/on switch, Change light color, Increase or decrease lamp light - Battery capacity: no battery (no charge) - Power: 5W-10W - Dimensions: 265x410x75mm (247g) - Material: aluminum, alloy, plastic - Plug: USB (plug directly into sockets for phones, laptops, backup batteries, etc.) - Input voltage: DC5V 1A~2A - Color thermometer: 3000k-6500 LED light, eye protection. -20 PCS LED strip ✪ Product set includes: product box, light Note: product does not include charger. Customers plug the charging cord into the phone charger, backup battery or computer USB port to charge the battery. ✪ Instructions for using the anti-charge learning lamp. For lamps with 3 light color modes: - Turn on the switch and look at the symbol on the knob. For lamps with 3 light colors: - Press the power button to turn on/off the light - Press Switch button to change light color: white, yellow, warm white - Press the (-), (+) buttons to increase/decrease the brightness as needed.