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Ardell LashTite Dark Adhesive for Individual Lashes - 22ml

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Ardell LashTite Dark Adhesive for Individual Lashes - 22ml.

LashTite Adhesive blends well with your eyelashes completing your alluring eye makeup while giving your individual artificial lashes a more natural look. It has a latex-free formula that is low-fume, non-irritating and gentle for even the most sensitive eyes. Also, fast-drying to keep your eye makeup perfect all day! This product is recommended for professional use.

Application Suggestions:

  • Pour out a small drop on a plastic surface when using it.
  • When dipping the lash in the glue, blow on it for 10 seconds then when applying it, place it on your natural lash line and count another 10 seconds or even longer before letting it go.
  • When applying on yourself, it may be easier to apply under your lash line rather than on top.
  • As your drop of glue dries out a little, you will notice that your waiting time will reduce and you won't even have to wait 10 seconds before applying. Always keep the bottle tightly capped.

What's in the Box:

1 x Ardell Professional LashTite Dark Adhesive - 22ml